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Laurie James

Actor, Author and Comedian

Before concentrating on writing, Laurie enjoyed a career in comedy, TV, and stage. She has worked in community TV as a producer and on line personality. Her interest in writing has been life long. Now out of print, her humor book “What I Meant To Say” was published in 2001. Laurie was a long time member of Toastmasters International and won various awards in public speaking.

“Leah’s Husband Is Dead – Again!” is her first full length novel.
She is retired and living in British Columbia.

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Leah’s Husband Is Dead – Again!

Synopsis: This is Leah Barrie’s journal, and we get to read it. It’s set in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s; a time when life was very conservative and women were barely tolerated in the workforce. This journal was a gift for Leah’s 21st birthday. Reluctantly, she begins writing and revealing her innermost thoughts about life; her Irish family; her highly religious grandmother; her crazy adventures with co-workers and friends; annoying bosses and landlords; and most importantly – the great loves of her life. Who, or what, constantly removes those loves from her life leaves Leah asking, “Why does it always happen to me?” Through it all, her sense of humor prevails giving her strength and an undying belief in love and life.


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